Join the Mapillary Android Open Testing program

We want our Android application to be as stable as possible. To achieve this target we are starting an Open Testing initiative. The latest stable features will be first released to Open Testing before the official public release. We pay close attention to any issue which appears in Open Testing, to achieve better stability with each new release.

To join the program please follow the link. Please find the details in the first comment.

By joining the program you will help us, as a community, to progress and develop faster. Cheers!


You have to wait a few minutes, after joining an Open Testing program, for changes to apply. When everything is done, you will be able to update your app in PlayMarket.

Please use the app as you usually do: capture, browse, etc. If you are faced with any application misbehavior, or crash, we are kindly asking you to share your actions by commenting on the thread.

Changes in version 5.2.27 (vs live 5.2.1)


  • Camera offset saved within the preview and upload.
  • Consistent behavior within captured and saved images.
  • The captured images search algorithm improved.


  • A new user’s profile image loading flow.
  • “send logs” button consistency.
  • Login error message updated.
  • Trailing email whitespaces ignored.

Addressed issues:

  • Opening the link within the application.
  • Unintentional user logouts.
  • Camera freezes with the screen turned off.
  • Random crashes on Explore.

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Does your Open Testing program include an open tracking process?

I’m still facing issues with the current “stable” version and there is not transparent bug tracking process.

There is no open tracking system. But everything mentioned in comments (forum, PlayMarket, direct communication) we add to our private board and prioritise in accordance with affected users amount, or severity of the issue itself.

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