Android: Mapillary 2022.11.21-5.8.17 open testing

Mapillary for Android 2022.11.21-5.8.17 is in open testing.

Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).

This release was focused on long standing issues and intended provide a better app stability over long capture sessions.

All changes


  • Sequences sorted by the least failed during the upload.
  • Images sorted by timestamp.
  • Capture and save are synchronized to improve memory consumptions.
  • Chunk size increased on upload.
  • Libraries updated.

UI changes:

  • A horizon level on capture.

@Teddy73 and @osm1012 this release must fix the cause of “spider web” sequences after upload (this part does the fix “Images sorted by timestamp”). Hope you will never see it again.

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