Android: Mapillary 2022.10.31-5.7.12 open testing

Mapillary for Android 2022.10.31-5.7.12 is in open testing.

Update 1

Updated 5.7.39 to 2022.10.31-5.7.12 (yeah, we also have new versioning system). We have updated the app with the feedback. Also, we have spotted new issues (especially during long captures) unrelated to the current changes. We will address them within the next open testing.

Warn: changes to upload mechanism

Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app?).

This release took longer than usual, and probably it will require a few more things until live. But we have decided to start gathering feedback. For now, we will propagate to 20 60 100% of Open Testing.

Seamless uploading

This is a new feature which you can enable (once again, it’s optional), and the app will upload all your sequences automatically when there is enough charge on your device, and the device is connected in wifi (this you can disable). But pay attention that all of your sequence will be blocked by the end of the capture, to prevent modification of the sequence while uploading.

Delayed upload

When you do not have seamless upload (i.e. automatic upload in settings) enabled, and you want to upload on wifi, but you do not have wifi, then the app can schedule the upload for later when wifi is on. This option will appear if you have upload over wifi enabled, you do not have wifi now, but you still have clicked the Upload button.

If the upload didn’t finish for some reason, you can manually click upload to start the process once again. But the data shall never disappear until uploaded.

All changes

New features:

  • Seamless uploads.
  • Private blocked addresses list.

Major updates:

  • Uploading mechanism (cc @goldfndr ).
  • Scheduled uploads resilient to phone reboot.


  • New attribution for maps.
  • Hiding old failed sequences.

UI changes:

  • New Mapillary icon.
  • Application bar for setting on the camera screen.
  • Removed old info message from login screen.

Addressed issues:

  • Crash on capture caused by detailed statistics.
  • Crash on dimmed screen.

cc @asturksever it’s a big update, I might need a like on this :slight_smile:


варто давати лінк на маркет (для завантаження)

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дякую @velmyshanovnyi, виправив!

the “Connecting Lines problem” is back. I took some sequences yesterday with Android V 5.7.39 on Galaxy S10. They have the problem with many connectiing lines. The sequence itself has the correct order, so you can hop back and forward to the next image. It`s only the many lines on the map that are wrong. Example:

Example Connecting Lines

Strange thing is, I also took pictures on bike with action cam, uploaded with mapillary_tools, they don`t have this problem. So it must be something on Android App.

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Thanks @Teddy73 for the report. I will double check on what is happening here. Yeah, it looks like Android fault, but I would still expect for it to be resolved on the backend side :slight_smile:

The many lines have gone meanwhile. Hope they won`t come back…

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The lines are back :unamused:
You can see the example I posted above. Now these sequences are steady on the map, but with the many connectiing lines unfortunately.

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Thanks for the heads up, raising an issue.

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Same issue: ~“many lines”

  • Android 2022.10.31.-5.7.12 Version Code: 29
  • used by “manual mode”
  • Android 11 RKQ1 ;
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
  • Location: “Allowed only while in use”

There are very many sequences with the ugly connecting lines all over the world. Always, there is no issue in the sequence order. Means you can hop back and forth to the correct picture in the sequences, or press play, but the rendering on the map is very ugly with all these lines.
Some examples:

But there are many more. Just filter with date from 1st Nov 2022 and you will see them.
Seems like only Android has the problem.
@Yaro , you said you raised an issue, is there any progress on this bug?

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The potential fix is currently passing google review and if no push back (usually nothing, but who knows) today will be available in open testing. I will make a separate post about it.

PS thanks for pushing it.

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Approved. The post is here.

I can confirm that the “connecting lines problem” is solved with the new release. What happens to the affected sequences? Will they be reprocessed?

Thanks for the confirmation.

About the older sequences, so the connections will be updated and fixed, but I don’t know when.

Best regards, Yaro.

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Perhaps it has already passed by here.
But every time I start the recording for the 1st sequence, many pictures are taken before I even start driving.

Thanks for the report. I will take a close look on the issue.

BR, Yaro.

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See, for example, this sequence wqrAM5D7tefCIGJ31y4RQW

Hi. I can see that the sequences have been reprocessed, the connecting lines are gone. Now all pictures of all of these sequences are upside down (they were ok before reprocessing)…

@Lowiekse I found at least one problem with this “many images” issue. It was connected to compass, and in some cases compass can be just very wrong. Without too many technical details, please try the latest open testing. If you still have the problem it might be something else (and my guess/discovery was wrong).

Submitted for the investigation.

cc @Teddy73