Android: Mapillary 5.4.24 is open testing

Mapillary for Android 5.4.24 is in open testing.

Thanks everyone for participation (How to join?). I know that latest builds can cause some pain (as of stability), but we try to avoid everything serious.

We have introduced significant changes to the Camera. If you have time to try out the version - please do so, and report everything and camera related specifically.

In Details


  • Replaced deprecated Camera1 with Camera2.
  • Added the camera screen rotation.
  • Smoothened the camera screen opening process.

New features:

  • Added capture support for unauthenticated users.
  • Added organization selection on the uploading screen.
  • Added three new languages. (3.65 in Open Testing :slight_smile: as Hebrew only a partially translated for now)

Addressed issues:

  • Wrong compass positioning while capture. (thanks @ralrei for the hint)
  • Capture on turns.
  • Not translated text.
  • Picture rotation on some devices.
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