Android: Mapillary 5.13 open testing


A newer version (2023.06.19-5.13.45) with a higher minimum image quality was sent to Open Testing.

PS @Lowiekse (will be a bit more than 50 MB for 300).

Hi there. Our new Open Testing (version 5.13) is out. Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).


With this update we are testing a new Design System for Settings. Settings were significantly simplified yet detailed enough. We will gather more feedback on what is preferable to have in Settings.


  • Settings screen
  • In-app account delete functionality.
  • Blocked addresses design.
  • Manual capture (back to the app).


  • Capture on speed roads.
  • Image compression.

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please report them here.

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The design has been simplified considerably. :slightly_smiling_face:
I miss the ability to set the capture distance. What is the capture distance now in the new app?
I would like to see the overlay with the device temperature and the capture counter back.


It would be nice to have a two-level design. A simple/beginner one provided by default. An advanced/expert one for people who need it. I want to monitor smartphone temperature, battery level, available space in storage device, GPS accuracy (because I’m using RTK GNSS en sometime, it lost the fix)… So, I would like to have the ability to add some fields, with big letters, so it is easy to see it while driving.


Capture distance is around three meters during walk, and it will jump to bigger gaps when you (50+ km) speed up. In case you want to capture more, there’re is a possibility to enable ‘manual capture’ (additional button).

Additional captures will be taken during camera turns (20 degrees approx.) or a big shake.

BR, Yaro

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Great feature suggestions, thank you @Eric_S!

I also notice that the quality of the photos is extremely limited. 300 photos are now only about 50MB.

Nice @Yaro that you mention that there is a manual mode for when you want to capture more photos. However, that seems very undesirable to me when you are driving a car.

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A black screen when the camera starts up is also present in this version.

@Lowiekse, the black screen is visible within a few seconds (like 2) and then camera starts, right? A slight camera delay is expected. It might a bit more time on some devices but shouldn’t be long, like less than 2-3 seconds in worst case.

BR, Yaro

No camera isn’t starting after a few seconds. I have to shut down the app en then restart the app.

I see. Yeah, that’s not planned behaviour. I’m searching for the reasons.

BR, Yaro

I’m referring to the first 5.13, not the current open testing version. Two things: Image compression, as already said, is way too much, and also the resolution restiction. On my Galaxy S10, I used to get 4032 x 3024, but now it is 1920 x 1440 and I cannot change it anywhere. Whats wrong is the heading. Never was a problem before, just showed in direction of next image or offset. Now it seems that all my pictures have a heading somewhere east, no matter which direction i really go. And here also: no setting that could be changed. Will test the updated 5.13 tomorrow.

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Thank you for the message. I will double check there is no issue, but in general we will have a bit different compass logic now. As we combined movement direction and offset, it was pointing in the direction of movement. Now we’re switching to a compass on the device, which might be wrong from time to time. After you upload your image, the backend will re-align images more correctly based on many parameters.

Still, to confirm, did you have compass disabled on your device (and used direction of movement)?

BR, Yaro

Hi Yaro, I can`t find any settings to disable or enable compass. I now have the latest open testing version. The resolution is ok again. But compass logic is not. Do you mean my settings before upgrade? I am sure not to have used the compass of the phone before, but just direction of travel. Now, the direction of the images is moving a little bit as direction changes, but keeps going too much east at all pictures.


Hi @Teddy73, thanks for your message. Yes, previously the logic was a bit different, and we have used either compass or movement direction. Even though you have a more correct compass angle on your device, it’s still not so perfect as the one calculated by the server (which does more calculations than directions of movement only). That’s why we now use only compass on the device, send this angle to the server and then we will calculate the most precise angle in there. At the end, Mapillary will display (if not yet) the calculated angle in the web interface, and it will be the most correct angle one can have.

The old logic was removed, and the app defaults to compass instead the movement direction which you had before.

BR, Yaro

So, did I get you right that the angle will be corrected later, even if the sequence is fully processed and visible on the map? Still I don`t know if the compass angle from phone is a good starting point. Right now, there are several images shot with the testing version, where the angle is offset by almost 180. See this next example…And, it always magically is pulled to show east. Why not use direction of travel or offset of this, and then do some more exact post processing of the angle if that is really needed?

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I don’t know if this related but, for my own recordings, I can see two directions on the website, one when the mouse is flying other (90°, East, incorrect) and another one along the track (correct) when clicking the big dot:

Sequence: Mapillary

Also note that the orange and the blue points correspond to the same picture but are not at the same position.

Data recorded with an external differential GPS/GNSS RTK receiver and Lefebure Ntrip app transmitting virtual position to other applications, in particular to the Mappilary one.

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Thanks @Eric_S and @Teddy73. Even though we have some delays with displaying the correct (computed) angle after processing, this will be the case soon. On the client side the raw compass angle data is might be a bit off, correct, but that’s expected. Because of this confusion we might create a workaround for the client, but still the most correct angle will be after the sequence is fully processed.

Just to confirm. Even though the raw compass angle is not correct all the time (especially driving, heavily urbanised areas, etc.) that’s the expected behaviour for the client app for now and not an issue. The server will correct the angle during processing.

BR, Yaro

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