Android: Mapillary 5.16 open testing


Hi there. Our new Open Testing (version 5.16) is out. Thanks everyone for participation (How to join? , Don’t have the app? ).

With the goal of making app lighter, faster and more stable we continued with Profile and Leaderboard screens.


  • Profile screen was updated with our new design in mind. We improved the loading time of your captures on your profile page.
  • Leaderboard screen was updated with our new design in mind. The search for cities and countries was improved, and now finally with clearing the search bar you’ll be taken back to the global leaderboard.
  • Navigation side drawer was removed in favour of simplifying the app, settings are accessible from the Profile screen

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please report them here.

cc: @Yaro @boris

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The new profile screen with captures is awesome!
One larger problem: The app reproducably crashes when switching to the camera app with my Pixel 6 Pro on Android 14. Reinstalling didn’t help. I submitted logs vía PlayStore.

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Thank you @enteq for reporting it. It looks like this is because of the Android 14 upgrade. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

@enteq we published a new Beta version, can you check if this solved the issue for you ?

Yes, it solved the issue, thank you for the quick fix! (haven’t tried to capture photos yet though, just opened the camera)

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Dont know if it was discussed, but is there a possibility to choose different photo aspect ratio when capturing with phone camera? Now its 4:3 but when capturing from inside a car lots of it get wasted. Better would be 16:9.
Im sure even in-app applying crop to all pictures or chosen sequences as a post process before uploading would bring some data savings. Ideally if it wold be configurable by user as everyone has different cars and mounts.

@masterofnoroad - we are looking at offering the ability to switch to using the wide angle camera on your Android phone (if it has one). It’s a good question about aspect ratio - we always prefer the native aspect ratio of the camera sensor which is 4:3 for ~all phones. This allows for capturing the maximum detail (using 16:9 is basically cropping off the top and bottom of an image which will sometimes have valuable information (for example when driving by buildings with a car you’ll capture further up the building which can include business information, etc).

In terms of data savings we did recently update the compression settings so you should actually see faster uploads in recent versions of the Android app.


Ok, but then I dont want to capture images like this:

Maybe there is more data in the urban areas but outside its only sky. Another problem then is lack of exposure correction as the camera is pointing mostly to bright sky. Also when you try to view the sequence to find something you need to change view in every frame as frame advance is centering the picture automaticaly. If the view would stay picture-to picture inside sequence it would be so much easier.
Another thing why to put the center horizon line in the app if then you want people to catch the sequences pointing camera to the sky?

There are good points @masterofnoroad

I agree with your first example (too much sky), ideally this would be fixed with better mounting of the phone (our recommendation for this). The second example actually provides some useful building context though IMHO. For example you can see how many stories high it is which can be useful for OSM.

Could you clarify what you mean by “If the view would stay picture-to picture inside sequence it would be so much easier.” Maybe you can record a quick video about this to explain it if you have a moment?

When you open any the picture in mapillary website it is centered, so opening one of the pictures from example gives me view like this:

…so if I’m mapping street surfaces or signs or small architecture i need to reframe and zoom picture to look like this:

…and if I want to advance into next or prev picture in the sequence the view resets into centered view and I need to reframe it manually again. Its very annoying if you for example looking for one bench in 1km stretch of road, or playing sequence to find change in surface on country road.
So my idea is: if the app could remember view (zoom and view center coords) if you browse inside one sequence (using top screen arrows or play/stop)

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