Happy New Year: Mapillary for Android 2022.12.29-5.9.20 is in open testing

Happy New Year, community :slight_smile:

Mapillary for Android 2022.12.29-5.9.20 is in open testing.

Thanks everyone for participation:


New features:

  • Picture-in-picture for auto-capture in normal mode (full screen camera).

If you start sequence in auto-capture and click home button, then the app want stop capturing, but rather will minimize the capture preview to a small floating window. Main use-case is to continue capture while using navigation (or another app?) full screen.


  • Updated a library for location tracker. (cc @Lowiekse)
  • Pause on tilt by default (20 degrees).

UI changes:

  • Present image on search (when available in the area).

BR, Yaro

That is a very nice feature! But there is one problem, when switching to other apps one normally also rotates the phone to vertical orientation. We don’t want the photos suddenly rotated, so Mapillary rightfully pauses capturing. Would it be possible to show something like a red cross over the (minimized) camera view when capturing is paused?

That an amazing suggestion! I will create a task and contact the design team. Let’s see, maybe we will schedule it (or some alternative) already into the next release.

BR, Yaro.

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