Introducing the all-new Mapillary Android App

The Mapillary Android app has undergone a full redesign to improve ease of use and make capturing and uploading easier than ever. Read all about it - and watch for these updates coming to iOS soon.

Mapillary 2.0

The Mapillary team is excited to introduce the all-new Mapillary Android app - a project we’ve been calling Mapillary 2.0 internally as a nod to the major upgrade in both user experience and underlying code.

This overhaul includes a complete visual refresh aimed at improving the ease of use of the app. Here are some of the highlights:

  • All new look and feel across the app

  • New homepage with quick access to your captures

  • Action cards to let you know when your captures are ready to upload or processing

  • Upload progress bar to monitor upload status

  • Ability to save your login and password with autofill

  • App dark and light themes

This major release builds on features we’ve been rolling out over the past year and which you may have noticed coming online:

  • Automatic Uploading - so your captures can be uploaded automatically when you connect to Wi-Fi, even without opening the Mapillary app

  • Picture-in-picture support - keep capturing with Mapillary while using another app like Google Maps for navigation

  • Ability to block addresses - so you don’t have to worry about accidentally uploading imagery of your garage :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Faster uploads thanks to better image compression and sampling

What comes next?

We are excited to share this milestone with you, and we have a backlog of exciting features coming your way throughout 2024. Here’s what you can look forward to next on Android:

  • Support for wide-angle cameras

  • Ability to view the images you capture outside of the Mapillary app

  • Updates to the camera to show distance captured and battery life

We invite you to give the app a fresh spin, and please let us know your feedback or leave a review on the Play Store (we appreciate it!). iOS users stay tuned: these updates and more are coming to iOS soon.

Thank you as always for being a part of the Mapillary community and keeping your feature suggestions and bug reports coming. They help us build a better Mapillary for everyone.

Product Manager, on behalf of the whole Mapillary team

  1. Aspect ratio or crop area adjust for deleting car hood. Now 4:3 photos show lots of car hood so the pixels are wasted (I was mentioning it before). 16:9 was perfect.
  2. I know You try to keep the app simple. But it would be great to have some kind of “advanced mode”. I miss display GPS quality, phone temp, storage left etc.
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agree 16:9 ratio preview is prefered as it almost always show a better ‘content’

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Thank you for the feedback folks!

  1. The aspect ratio (4:3) hasn’t changed in this release, it’s been that way for a little while. To explain the reasoning: phone cameras have a native aspect ratio of 4:3. Using 16:9 is just software cropping off and throwing away the top and bottom of the image. This can contain useful information (for example taller buildings), so ideally 4:3 should be used and the phone positioned to avoid the hood of the car when possible (a bit of hood is OK too).

  2. Noted the GPS quality, storage left, etc advanced metrics - we’ll put that on the backlog!

thanks for the second point :slight_smile:

I would add also screen dimming when taking photos. It was there before (to save batery), and it should be there for people don’t want distraction when driving a vehicle. It would be great to have possibility to turn off screen and use just led light to indicate recording (if phone has it, but I think modern phones don’t)

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Good suggestion, thank you!

By the way, screen dimming is already available - you can enable “Dim screen while capturing” in Settings.


  • Boris
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