Introducing the all-new Mapillary iOS App

The Mapillary iOS app has undergone a full redesign to improve ease of use and make capturing and uploading easier than ever. Take a look and let us know your thoughts!

Mapillary 2.0

The Mapillary team is excited to introduce the all-new Mapillary iOS app - a project we’ve been calling Mapillary 2.0 internally as a nod to the major upgrade in both user experience and underlying code.

This overhaul includes a complete visual refresh aimed at improving the ease of use of the app (much like the recently updated Android app) Here are some of the highlights:

  • All new look and feel across the app

  • New homepage with quick access to your captures

  • Action cards to let you know when your captures are ready to upload or processing

  • Upload progress bar to monitor upload status

  • Ability to save your login and password with autofill

  • App dark and light themes

This major release builds on features we’ve been rolling out over the past year and which you may have noticed coming online:

  • Faster uploads thanks to better image compression and sampling

  • Map filtering - you see the map color-coded to indicate capture freshness, or isolate your captures on the map.

  • Ability to block addresses - so you don’t have to worry about accidentally uploading imagery of your garage :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Translations into 20+ languages

What comes next?

We are excited to share this milestone with you, and we have a backlog of exciting features coming your way. Here’s what you can look forward to next on iOS:

  • Updates to the camera to improve usability, manual capture modes, and show distance captured and battery life

  • Continued focus on improving battery life and overheating

We invite you to give the app a fresh spin, and please let us know your feedback or leave a review on the App Store (we appreciate it!).

Thank you as always for being a part of the Mapillary community and keeping your feature suggestions and bug reports coming. They help us build a better Mapillary for everyone.

Product Manager, on behalf of the whole Mapillary team

  • would love if we would have a advanced mode to understand how many files were send, etc

    Even if I left it for hours it will never go more than 5 or 6 percentage, and if I click cancel and try to upload again, it will start from 0 and show that I still have to upload the same amount of data

Hi @baditaf - is this a new problem for you? (e.g. was everything working in the prior version of the app?) Did you capture a lot more than you usually do, or did anything else change?

Maybe you could do a quick uninstall and re-install of the Mapillary app to see if that fixes things?

@Anders for any other troubleshooting tips (also note the app has to be open and in the foreground for the upload to complete). Are you basically seeing it go steadily to 6% and then stop?

Sorry to hear you have problems uploading @baditaf. Like Boris asked, I would be interested in hearing if you have had upload problems before. The upload implementation has not changed in the past four years or so, only the UI is updated in this release.

NOTE! If you delete the app, all sequences that you have captured will also be deleted.