iOS: App improvements in 2022

Here are some of the most notable improvements for the Mapillary for iOS app this year.

  • Added user survey to collect user feedback to help us prioritize work during the year.
  • Added user stats and leaderboards, a top requested feature highlighted in the user survey.
  • Localized the the app into 22 languages
  • Added Firebase Crashlytics. With Crashlytics, we can quickly identify crashes and easier prioritize which ones to fix first. By fixing the top crashes, the app went from 97% to 99% crash free.
  • Tweaked upload parameters, which made uploads up to 100% faster on a fast internet connection.
  • Added a guest feature, which allows you to try parts of the app without creating an account.
  • Map styles are now downloaded from the internet instead of being hardcoded. It means that the app will always use the most up-to-date version of the map. Previously this was updated manually.
  • Replaced the commercial map library Mapbox with the Open Source map library MapLibre. All map surfaces now use MapLibre.
  • Launched the next iteration of Mapillary Missions. Missions are now road shaped instead of square and use a new scoring system.
  • Captured, but not yet uploaded sequences, are now displayed on maps to make it easier to know where you have captured.
  • Added support for account deletion and changing email address to have better parity with the website.
  • Background uploading will hopefully be launched later this year (not ready when this post was written).
  • … and many more small things :slight_smile:

If you like the improvements, please consider giving the app a good rating in the App Store. It helps with visibility and attracting more users.