Mapillary for Android 6.1.16 is out

Mapillary for Android 6.1.16 is out

Full version name is 2024.02.14-6.01.16.


We’ve updated the look and feel of the application with under the hood performance updates to get a smoother feeling when navigating the app. While the new design was already available in open testing to collect your feedback (link ), we worked to further improve it.


  • Introduced homepage screen with all your captures available on it
  • Introduced Upload dialog to the homepage to enable users uploading all captures or just navigate to view them
  • Introduced labels to captures to indicate in which state they are and also when clicking on failed uploads it displays the reason for failure
  • Introducing Dark Mode
  • Introduced autofill and integration with password manager for login
  • Added dash support to the user name
  • Added filter coloring by age to the map in camera
  • Fixed filter coloring by age to not display old (red&yellow) sequences over the new ones (green)


Thanks everyone for helping with the issues in Open Testing.

Your feedback is much appreciated, please share if you have any ideas or, hopefully not, crashes or misbehaviour.

Best Regards, Josip.