Android: Mapillary 5.6.16 is out

What’s new in 5.6.16 on PlayMarket ?

Mapillary for Android 5.6.16

New features:

  • Dynamic map styles.
  • Periodic map styles update.

Addressed issues:

  • Empty preview screen.
  • Crash on sharing images as a guest.
  • Crash on Leaderboard.
  • Crash on opening the map.

Yeah, it was a pretty fast open testing (thanks @Lowiekse for the feedback). Partially because we’ve started on a bigger feature for a new release :slight_smile: stay tuned


With the app’s “Explore” map, are there plans to color our own sequences a different color (blue?) like on the web site?

@goldfndr, yes, eventually they will be similar (explore and the web). We are bunching many UI tasks into a group to update them at once. So not sure which release will get it for now. But definitely it will.

BR, Yaro.

Uploading is (evidently) currently blocked for me by the app.

The Mapillary app has often crashed for me during uploads, possibly due to overheating, since the API change. Recently, I noticed the count of MB uploaded was flickering instead of steadily increasing (e.g. it would stay at 19 for a short time then flicker between 19 and 20 then stay at 20 for a short time then flicker between 20 and 21…) for one of my uploads, which led me to suspect that the app is using more than one formula for calculating the count. Diving deeper, if I turned on “Show surface updates” or “Show view updates” within Developer options, I saw near constant screen updates (and consequent phone heating with GPU around 20% instead of the usual ~0.3%) in what shouldn’t merit repaints. Since the upload progress is a count (there is no fraction displayed), is there a non-obvious reason the screen updates so much during the upload instead of only when the text changes?

I like to review the photos before uploading, in chronological order, and individually upload a sequence after individual review of a sequence. Version 5.6 (and possibly 5.5) seems to be actively discouraging this, as it’s always scrolling to the top of the sequence list when backing out of a sequence view, requiring me to scroll a lot to compare a sequence transition. I’m hoping this change is reverted, as it induces extra work.

At this instant, I have 3 remaining sequences after many successful uploads, but attempting these via FAB only gives the “Uploading your images, you can continue using other tabs” for several hours with no indication of a change. Sequences are 2022-10-03 14:20 “0”, 2022-09-25 15:18 “301”, 2022-09-19 18:03 “97”. The first shouldn’t be 0, as the FAB mentions 473 images in 3 sequences.

If I tap on one of these sequences, I get the disappointing “This sequence has been converted for processing” “You are no longer able to view it, but you can finish the download process by selecting the upload sequence icon” dialog. The easy fixes would be ending both complete sentences with a period, but my ask is: Is there a technical reason that this dialog can’t also offer to upload that sequence without having to resort to the FAB? The captive sequence(s) occupy storage that cannot be freed until all review is no longer desired, which delays the uploads; I’d’ve loved to have uploaded the 2022-09-19 sequence last month.

I should add that when I initially tried to upload the 2022-10-03 14:20 sequence, the app displayed the usual preparing dialog but only an extremely short time (it seemed like less than a second), then it and the whole app were gone and I was back at the launcher. When I went back to Mapillary via Recents in the navigation bar, it seemed like a new launch of Mapillary and the sequence’s count had become 0. I hope this additional info helps.

@goldfndr we have started with a big update for uploading process. Please be careful with automatic/seamless upload as it will lock the sequence after capture, and you will not have time to review it.

Everything else you have mentioned will be addressed in accordance with priority. Some things are just mistakes :frowning: