Mapillary App Fails to Upload - iOS


I’ve been using the app to take pictures but after I u
pload it says something like 0/5 sequences uploaded and the five sequences are still there in the app. I’ve tried multiple times but same thing always happens. It’s quite a lot of images so I’d like to try and upload one of the sequences first but every time I retry I’m forced to upload all of them again as I can no longer click into one sequence. When I click on one sequence it says the sequence is locked. Can someone help?

Here’s the error message: 897-E829-E-4-CE0-4683-9-C53-5947-E1841-E96 — ImgBB


When they have been converted to the internal format, the sequences are no longer viewable, sorry. We want to bring back this functionality to view and upload single sequences, but I can’t give an ETA. I do want to fix the upload problem instead though, I’m looking into that now.

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Thanks @Anders, please let me know if you’re able to find a fix. I tried taking another sequence and uploading it separately but same thing happened, so now have 6 that I’m unable to upload.

I built an old version of the app, captured a few sequences, updated to the latest app in the App Store, upload went fine, so I can’t reproduce your problems.

Reading your last comment, you did a new capture and that didn’t upload either. I wonder if the upload server is blocked for you for some reason. Do y0u use VPN? Do you know if Facebook is blocked ny the ISP? If you upload via cellular, does the upload start then? I don’t expect you to upload everything using cellular, I just want to know if it starts or not.

Another thing, would it be possible for you to share some of the files with me on Google Drive or Dropbox or something similar? You can send me a link privately. I can then put them on my phone and try to upload and see if it works for me.

Thanks, no I don’t use a VPN and Facebook works fine. I’d try cellular if I could without going over my monthly limit, buts that’s not an option at the moment.

It appears to upload everything, 3-4 GB, and then I get the message saying 0/6 sequences were uploaded.

Happy to share some of the files, but if I can’t access them how can I export them?

Oh so it starts uploading? Hmm, interesting. In that case the servers are not blocked. Do the uploaded sequences show up on your profile, either in the app or on the web?

You can download the sequences to your computer by connecting your phone. Are you on Mac or PC?

I have 5 in both the app and on the web that say ‘processing’, the oldest from 12th August. I’m not sure if these are from the app though as I also use a dashcam and upload the photos from that with my computer and Mapillary tools. I’m quite sure a few sequences I took with my phone aren’t yet on the map though.

The order of the list on my profile has been quite strange for a few months now, as just under the processing sequences it jumps back to four sequences from Feb 2020 and then my most recent successful uploads. Looks the same as the problem others have been having: The order of the photos of “My coverage Mapillary” on the “Upload” tab - Web and notifications - Mapillary Community Forum

I’m using a PC and an iPhone. If I could see the photos I could check if they are on the map yet and if not try uploading another way (assuming the issue will soon be fixed for new sequences).

Thanks again!

Ok, well don’t delete the sequences from your app until you know they are uploaded and processed. Regarding the feed problems, I think a fix was submitted today. Not sure when the update gets through the system though.

For PC, you will need to install iTunes. Here are instructions: Transfer files between iPhone and your computer - Apple Support

Thanks, when I copy to my PC I get a few files, I assume the images are in the vrs files but how do I upload these? Can I do this with Mapillary tools? Any preprocessing required?

Unfortunately neither mapillary_tools or the DU support pre-created VRS files. I have filed a feature request for that now though.

Can you upload the files to some sharing service, like Google Drive, Dropbox etc? Just zip the whole mapillary folder so I get all the files. Then I can load them inte the app and hopefully see why they won’t upload and make a fix. You can send me the link in a PM.


I can’t upload images to Mapillary too, and I can’t see my images anymore.
Here is a video of the problem : RPReplay_Final1643030114.MP4 - Google Drive