IOS: Uploaded sequences are not removed from the app

Why is it that after the sequence has been uploaded it is still sitting in the Uploads page (with the label greyed out)?

When you then click on the sequence name, you get this dialog.

Now these old sequences are eating up my precious space on my iPhone.

If they are still there it means that they were not uploaded successfully, so please don’t delete them manually.

When you click upload, the images (JPG) in a sequence are converted into a single file (internal format), which after conversion cannot be viewed in the app.

Hi @Anders
When I tried to upload, I could see the Upload progress from 0 to 100% and at the end of it I got the message saying Upload Completed.

Here’s the vido captured of the final few seconds of an upload session: - Google Drive

So I don’t really understand when you said the upload wasn’t successful, unless the app is telling me false information.

Can you propose a solution to my problem, i.e.;-

  • how to complete the incomplete uploads, and
  • how to delete the data off my phone manually? Right now, I’m blocked from going into the failed sequences so I can’t delete them even if I wanted to.

Once the phone storage is full and I can’t take anymore photos (using my phone camera to record personal memories) and there’s no solution yet from your side then I’m simply going to uninstall the app and get rid of the image data along with it, and that would be a shame.


It looks like you have an old version. We added better information in the popup a while ago (and lots of other fixes since then too). Please update the app and try again!

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When I went to Apple App Store and searched for Mapillary app, it gives me an optiont to OPEN and UPDATE, which means I’m running the latest version, which according to the app store is v.5.1.10.
When I checked the version no on the app itself, it says
Is there a later version than this @Anders ?

Hey, I implemented a legacy way of uploading, can you give that a go and see if that works? It’s called “alternative upload method” in Settings. The feature is available in 5.2.0.

What is the “alternative upload method” ?

In which case should it be used?

It uses traditional file upload instead of streaming (which is the default). It does not support resuming. Only use it if you are having upload problems.