Uploads bug online

I think my count not is normal. I have uploaded many sequences a few days ago, and they don’t online.

I have sequences uploaded since around 20 days ago and they doesn’t online today.

Furthermore, my page (when I’m logged) have many lines out. Look:

Any know what happened?

Hi there, do you have a link for us to look at? Thanks so much!

How did you capture/upload? Using any of the mobile apps or with an external camera and the Desktop Uploader/scripts?

Hi, I used mobile app. IOS iPhone 13 Pro max.

Look a example:

I have made many sequences in this day (march, 05), but didn’t online.
I’m Thing is problem from GPS.

Other example of issues is in these sequences:

I need to put a lot of zoom to show the sequences in map.

Any suggest?

I have forwarded it to the backend/maps team.