Upload issue in app version 3.154


As the subject says, I am having issues uploading image sequence of less than 100 images over very fast internet connection.

Mapillary app version: 3.154
Android version: 9
Android build number: PPWS29.69-26-6
Phone make: Motorola x4

I tried restarting phone & Mapillary application.
Same issue.
The problem is, few images gets uploaded & it hangs/stucks forever.
After restarting app, few more images gets uploaded but thats it.
I also don’t see remaining images at ‘Upload in progress’ window.

Pls have a look thanks.



For me on android 9 it solved the issues of uinsteady, broken uploads.
But did not solve the broken captures.


I checked today morning and upload slightly worked better but had to stop/resume couple of times i.e. earlier app would stop uploading images after every 3 images. Today it uploaded 10 images and then paused/stopped.