Uploading is skipping hundreds of pictures in several sequences


It already happened to my in the previous Apps, It says I have thousands of Pics and dozens of sequences, after the upload, I notice that all where not uploaded,

I try again, then it reduces the number to around 5% and instead of uploading, it says “skipping image X of XX” and it jumps all the pics without uploading :frowning:

I’m using high speed wifi, the Android App 3.95 with the Huawei P8 and Android 6.0

Why is the app skipping the pictures, instead of uploading?

Filipe Graciosa
Lisbon, Portugal

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Hi @filipegraciosa, the skipping would normally happen when the images are lacking location information, probably due to that the phone was not able to obtain a GPS fix at the time. Can you try if this still happens with 3.105 that’s on Google Play now? If yes, please report the issue to support@mapillary.com.

Hi @katrin, unfortunately its still happening with the App version 3.108 :frowning_face:

How can I send the the logs? The option to send the logs doesn’t work, because say I can only send 25MB of attached files in the email, and the logs are over that size…

Hi @filipegraciosa, when you go to the app settings > Developer, then you can see from the “Save debug logs” option which folder the file gets saved to. You should be able to copy that file and put it on e.g. Dropbox or Google drive if it’s too big for your email client, and email the link to logs@mapillary.com. Please try and let us know if it doesn’t work out and need help!

Hi @katrin I sent the email with the wetransfer link (because the file mapillary_trace.txt had 218MB).