No upload starting?

Hi, I try to upload a bunch of photos recorded yesterday. Already then it didn’t work on different wifis which I used also before and while the phone is online. It’s only displaying dialog “Upload in progress …” but without mentioning the number of photos.

This is App 3.158 on LineageOS 16

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I had the problem some days ago. (we are talking about the smartphone upload)
I think I had no good mobile data and I cancelled and retried several times.
In the evening it did not even work with my home wifi.
The day after it worked.

I take this into account, but don’t want to transfer 100s of images to the PC.

Status claims API etc is fine…

The problem persists. No image upload and after timeout it displays “error 0”.

Any ideas?

While I uploaded this old sequences via desktop uploader, I recorded new ones today.

But same problem persist: No upload starting with the android app and >1000photos.

Is there anybody currently using the app and can confirm that it works fine? Which version do you use?

Hi @8of9, please make sure that you are using the latest version of Mapillary Android App? It should work fine. If not, please report your issue to with a detailed description of the issue, device model and operating system. Thanks

I don’t have a Google Playstore account, so need to pick the latest APK (at scroll down, under Ressources latest APK).

With current 3.162 working again! (to bad there is no auto-update like e.g. signal app does)