Image upload gets stuck at last image


When I am uploading sequence lets say for example batch of small 1 i.e. 30 images, after last image upload the UI stucks.

I keep getting message ‘Checking progress from the background sync service’ forever.

Some details as follows =

OS: Android 8.1.0
Mapillary version: 3.141

How to fix this issue? Thanks.

I recently did Mapillary at beautiful sea shores in India & forts but due to this issue, unable to process the sequence over 100mbps internet connection. [wi-fi]



If this still happens please send me a screenshot. Will try to fix it.
You can also cancel the upload dialog if all images are uploaded.

@Ovi Thanks. issue seems to resolved. I tried to upload sequence of 220 images 1 hour ago and they got uploaded without any issues.

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