After upload of last image (ca.1659 images distributed over 11 sequences) upload hangs (at least for 1 hour)

as said in the topic line. App version 3.67. After about 1 hour waiting for any response I exited the app. Browsing to mapillary -feed or -uploads (firefox-esr 52.2.0) shows nothing. A test upload of 1 test image with the app at this time works and meanwhile appears under ‘uploads’. But where are all the 1659 uploaded picts prior to the test image? The app at least got managed to delete them from the phone (I’m lucky I always make backups before using unknown software). Any ideas how to debug this? thanks in advance for any hint.

The newer versions are designed to not function properly.
If you want to upload use version 3.27

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ok, thanks! unbelievable but true:-)

I think I will switch most of the steps in my tool chain to a PC anyway. Best is to deinstall the mapillary-app immediately and use the open-camera-app instead.

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For me it works very well with recent android apps. The pictures are uploaded and will appear on the map soon, but the background of mapillary is changing, again. Also weekend, lots of uploads, processing time will take longer.

in the meantime I could switch most of the work (including the upload) to my Linux PC with the help of ‘mapillary_tools’. Together with ‘josm’ geotagged images layer it’s now very comfortable to sort out and group images. It’s amazing. The system runs quite smoothly yet:-) Thanks for your support.

Hi @sp4rkie - glad to hear you found a better workflow for yourself. We have been working hard on the app and recently released 3.86 to Play Store. It would be interesting to hear if this behaves better for you.

Also, for reporting issues, I’d like to point you to or instead of this forum.

Hi @katrin, thanks for your reply. My primary goal ever was (and is) to reduce any work with this smartphone stuff to the minimum possible. A regular PC (with Linux of course) still is way better for serious work IMHO. Nonetheless I thank you for your continued support for the App. I will give it a try. Surely I will report future issues on github directly as you suggested.

That sounds like a great plan! Thanks for your encouraging words :relaxed: