Uploading hangs

Using the new app, Android v 9, LG Q7, uploading doesn’t work at all for at least a month.
Message: Upload in progress hangs forever, retrying does not help.

Using the web uploader doesn’t work either, can not login, I get a weird error message… Elsewhere I saw it works on 64bits winz only, I got a 32bits laptop.
– Jepz11

New version Mapillary Desktop Uploader finally working ( Win 8.1 32 bits and Win 10 32 bits )

Alas I only got my phone and an old win7 laptop, so I can’t upload anything. For at least a month by now.
Some nice sequences got deleted while trying, pity.

Solved! The problem was my… let’s call it “naivity”.

I installed the app TrackerControl without thinking about it afterwards.
That app prevented Mapillary from connecting to the servers.
In a brainwave I switched TrackerControl of and; eureka.

Sorry to any reading developer and please keep up the good work.
Mapillary is an amazing project and I’m happy to be a little part of it.