Can not Upload with smartphone

using a samsung S5 with mapillary vers. 3.147
Last year there were no problems but now the Upload does not work.
I use mapillary_tools process to set the offset_angle right. Using the mapillary_tools for upload works, but so I can only upload when the computer is on.
So last year I copy the pictures on the old smartphone and Upload them all the time.

the mapillary_tools made some new directories which are being uploaded but not the photos. the app says “Upload in progress blabla”, but nothing happens.

Still the same problem and there a thousends of pics waiting to upload.
Now I use a Xperia X, and it worked some months quite good.
But suddenly the app disn’t find the pics anymore, it shows, if I use upload in the app, an empty space.
I changed form SD-card to internal, but still not found the pics.
If I took with the Xperia and the mapillary app some new pics, these will be found to upload, but not the others in the same file folder.

Which version of the app are you running? You will need the latest to upload successfully (v3.173).
Can you please send your Android logs to

Ok I forgot.
I reinstalled the app yesterday so it is the newest version, I used different SD-cards. I tried my old Huawai S7 and Samsung S3+S4.
The Huawaip has the same problem, nothing to upload,
The samsung S3+4 (with old app version) finds the pics and folders, but didn’t upload.

I tried also use the folder mapillary use for upload named camera2_0, and copied in there the pics (I made with a, but then there is an error and mapillary starts again.
So, if I use SD>android>data>app.mapillary>files the app don’t find pics.

I examined the status.json files, but they say, that there are files to upload:

I have no idea whatelse I can try.
i use a Sony xperia X with android 8.0