Upload problems Android - Reason


I just installed the app and couldn’t upload any pictures, just like @Hedaja in this thread:

Sadly the thread has been closed by @Sandra without any solution, so I had to open a new one.

If the internal storage of my phone gets below 500MB, I get a warning in the notification area

Storage space running out
Some system function may not work

The Mapillary App can still take new pictures, even if it’s below this threshold, but it can’t upload them anymore, although there isn’t any error message saying so - it just says

Upload requested. Progress will be shown in the notification bar

without doing anything.

After deleting enough pictures to get above the threshold, the upload is finally working.

What makes it even worse, is that I can’t copy the files to a pc and upload it there, because manual upload doesn’t work with pictures you have taken with the app.

you should be able to adjust the low-disk threshold to e.g. 0 in the Mapillary Settings. Also, if you download the pics to the PC, you can upload them with a simple script,

python upload.py path-to-images/

See https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_tools/tree/master/python. We are going to add uploading of Mapillary-images to the manual web upload soon!

If things are not working, feel free to send the logs and I will take a look. Thanks!


Hello Peter,

we are talking about different thresholds here: I’m talking about a fix threshold from the OS (Android 5.1.1), when it starts telling me, that my storage is running out - I can still take more pictures with Mapillary when I’m below this “OS-threshold” (as long as I’m above the low-disk threshold set in the app), but the upload doesn’t work anymore

if you move some of the pictures to your computer, the upload starts working again on Android? This might be a built-in function in the OS. Can you request a manual upload and send me the log afterwards when nothing is happening? Would be interesting to see if an upload is triggered at all by the OS.


if I move enough pictures from the phone, it does work

I’ve copied a bunch of files on the device to replicate the bug and sent the logfile