Upload from app on very fast connection

As I see, last few days Mapillary upload server has a fast connection (much faster than previously), so I can upload photos on very high speeds (13-15 MB/s). The problem here is, that app in the phone is very unstable, when processing such big amount of pictures. The counter of uploaded images is still 0/601 and only sequence number is changing, upload crashes after few pictures, or continues for few sequencies and ends without a notice. Also I get several notifications from phone, that app is not responding.
I simulated slower connection on my router and setting uploading speed lower than 5 MB/s avoided all issues, uploading is smooth, counter is increasing, no random crashes…

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thats not the speed of the line, thats a new feature “check for dobule pictures”.
Just seen this today, to. Android App upload is horrible borken, breaks very often on upload, and showing bpgus values.

Also the new feature is bad, it seems to upload ahead a set of image hashes (hence the long time until upload starts) and server check for doubles. But if upload breaks, that uploaded list of hashes seems to not get removed. I got ~3k double pictures from a fresh made 7k track. Thats not ok.

Weird, currently I’m uploading sequence 25 of 22 :-))))
And -253 more images to upload in one of them (yes, the MINUS SIGN is correct there)