Missing parts of the sequences

I decided to make separate topic of this.
Since some time I am getting weird gaps in my sequences after upload. Just as if some pictures were missing. It is usually 200-300 pics. It is extremely annoying because I see no reason for them being missing, and when I try to upload them again they dont show up either. Finally yesterday I tried to use web uploader, and got message that I try to upload duplicates. So the pictures are there somewhere, just they dont appear on the web!
Can someone from mapillary check it? I include here a link to three shots that web uploader thinks are duplicates, but try to find them on the map!

It seems same thing happening with mobile app, but I cannot try to upload pics again because they are deleted automatically, so no way to feel the gaps :-/

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This happen sometimes and it seems that the missing pictures appear some days or weeks later. Also a reason why I coded my own uploader for Python 3.

I’ve seen similar issues from a few users and we are looking to figure it out. Send any details you have on your username, date of upload, and sequence keys to support@mapillary.com and I can get this logged in as more evidence of the issue!

here is a sequence from 26th january with two gaps. Should be complete:


another sequence from 14th january with many gaps:

as I wrote, I tried to upload again missing parts, but system saying they are already there.

Here is a gap from 17th december:

…and I filled it overwriting the EXIF with new gpx data with another timestamp (3 january):

but its lots of work and not really sensible. Orginal photos never show up on the map

Something new on the problem. You can find the pictures uploaded in ID editor. So they exist! and ID editor is showing them. Just website and JOSM are not.
But characteristic thing: they appear as separate dots not conected by the sequence line.

Some of my sequences seem to be affected too: wdotc45y2kfrq3j3j5cxvm or 1fPnwKTAReeZ8Wu49V03Zg.
As per Mapillary API the sequences exist, they have been reconstructed and CV processed. They have also been connected to the navigation graph. However, they neither show up on the sequence map layer nor in the uploads tab. You cannot traverse these sequences in the web viewer either. They are kind of presented as single point images only. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have also observed that except for new sequences, the sequence map layer has not been updated since about Q4 2020. Having said that, I am unsure if sequence map layer generation has just been delayed and it is going to catchup with recent processing or if it is actually broken.

I think it has connection with the procedure to filter out corrupt gps frames that sometimes happen, so there are no longer long lines through all map to antarctica or greenland :smiley: So maybe the algorithm is throwing out all parts of sequences with only one picture corrupt?
When I was processing my pictures I’ve got communicates about to large distance or speed or something.
But I need to observe it little bit more…

Some of my sequences seem to be affected too: wdotc45y2kfrq3j3j5cxvm or 1fPnwKTAReeZ8Wu49V03Zg

I have just realized that sequence wdotc45y2kfrq3j3j5cxvm seems to not exist as by the Mapillary API. However, image 6X0FxlSKFpBhaIOz01sto6 exists per Mapillary API and should be the first image in sequence wdotc45y2kfrq3j3j5cxvm. :confused: