Mapillary rejection of images -- unable to debug cause

Hi all!

i’ve uploaded 24,000 images representing a trek on Kilimanjaro.

In the past (for other adventures) I’ve had no issue with photo uploads (from GoPro MAX), alas this time I’m experiencing some problems.

I upload 12k images (representing one trek). Uploaded using Mapillary desktop uploader.

In Mapillary UI shows 10k pending images under my profile.

Once published, I’d say less than 10k actually make it (but I am not sure about this).

So with the photos missing I decided to reupload the entire batch (because it’s unclear which ones exist and which ones failed first time). Doing so results in 1000’s of image rejections (already exist error) which is expected.

However, I suspect the way sequence processing works means this is also causing new images to be rejected as missing photos do not appear on the map.

Now I am trying to:

  1. understand why some photos are not making it to being published (note, some are not flat to the horizon, which I suspect might be failing checks), and
  2. how I can resolve the problem to get these missing photos on Mapillary.

Can anyone offer any advice?


Adding screenshot from desktop uploader UI of upload preview (shows correctly), and same section on Mapillary web app (missing images)


Web app


Be patient - they will arrive. If you go into OpenStreetMap you will see some of the missing images appear in there. It may just take time till the images appear across all interfaces.

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Do all of them have GPS/time stamps?

Existing images should to be preventing other images from being uploaded.

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Yes, GPS in all photos (as shown in desktop uploader) with valid times.

I queried the API for your images (captured in 2021). Apparently there are 12 393 images up.


Appears same problem I’m signalising for some time. Unfortunately the pictures will probably not appear over time. I have numerous old sequences still missing in web app (almost year old).
As jorrarro shown the pictures ARE THERE and API is returning them. They just don’t appear in web app and are not linked together so its impossible to navigate through them. But its possible to open each individual picture but not edit the sequence. To access them you need to open place in OSM ID editor and they will show up as a separate points (turn on mapillary layer). I don’t understand why no one is addressing this obvious flaw.


Try to access this image through web app :smiley:
Its also impossible to navigate through sequence slider and play the sequence but is possible to navigate with arrows to adjacent near photos. It will be also impossible to access the sequence editor for example to delete this faulty sequence and reload it. Editor just hangs up.


Interesting! Thanks for the help @masterofnoroad @jorrarro – very good insights.

@eneerhut is this a known issue?

This issue was already talked about here in the thread:
The issue is really old but nothing changes. I have lots of examples.
Once again, behavior is like this (example): After a bike trip, have 3000 images to upload. I always upload with mapillary_tools. So, pictures are processed to be in 7 sequences. Sequence 1,2,3 everything is ok. Sequence 4 doesn´t show up. Sequence 5,6,7 everything ok.
Pictured from Sequence 4 are only visible as single pictures in OSM web editor ID. Not on web app, not in JOSM plugin. But I don´t see why. It´s all the same, same camera, same tools, same day, not more things to be blurred than in the others. Just randomly, some sequences don`t show up, only the pictures of this sequence do show up in ID but not correlated to a sequence. Oldest examples that I know of are from June 20, so it can´t be an issue of them still being in a processing queue.
Could someone from mapillary look into this? I can give a list of examples if needed.


This is a known issue, but I thought it was a lot more isolated than this. Good investigative work @jorrarro & @masterofnoroad .

I can see 20,124 images in this area for your account @trekview, but ~8,000 are still pending. I’ll follow up on this issue and see if it is a map tile rendering issue, or related instead to the stage of image processing that the images are in.

When the images are uploaded, they go through a series of stages to create a 3D reconstruction, blur faces license plates, identify objects etc. It looks like some of the images may be stuck in an earlier state. Will work with team to investigate further.


This same problem has hit all of my contributions March 19, all of my work for the 17th, contributions from hours of hiking a month or so ago, and possibly a place or two I’ve since forgotten. If these examples could either A) get fixed up, or B) help Mapillary figure out what goes wrong, I’d be happy.

I love Mapillary. But I’m gonna be afraid to contribute images until someone tells me my missing images can get recovered and added to the map, OR the problem causing this has been fixed. It hurts to spend hours contributing to something, and all the effort gets squandered.

EDIT March 20: It looks like my images from the 17th and 19th have finally shown up on my uploads list! I feel much better about things, now.


@JesseAKARaccoon & @trekview. We seem to be making progress debugging this issue. Thanks for your detailed error reporting. Hope to have a fix for you soon.


Hello @eneerhut , @trekview ,

Happy the weekly email brought me to this to add, ass I have not reported yet.

Seeing the same issue here Saliña Sint Marie trails

Having proper blue lines on Google Street View. Is a GSV video capture, converted with GSV2JPG and uploaded with Mapillary Desktop Uploader.

Be patient; they’ll show up. If you go to OpenStreetMap, you’ll see that some of the missing photos have appeared. It might take some time for the images to appear in all interfaces.

Hello Sir;

I have uploaded 5 tracks several days ago, and they are not appearing as a track, however on your mobile app for iOS, if I tab on a street where I know there are images, they do appear, but no track. Can you please help. The user name is “DPOI”

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Just pushed through ~3,500 images that were stuck in the queue. Does that sound like it matches what you’re missing?

Thank you so much, yes many images did get published indeed, waiting for the rest of them. Is there anything I can do on my end to make the publishing process not take so much time, please?

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I too miss some sequences. Latest missing one starts with this image:
However, there are also missing sequences which do not appear in iD as single images. An example is a sequence captured between and the above mentioned image.

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That’s probably related with this problem: One of the photos in the sequence is marked as “not street-level image” and the whole sequence gets rejected.
There are different threads about this issue in the forum:

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No, nothing on your side really, other than making sure to upload street-level images only (which you are). Even then the bot can get confused.

Good news
We are doing a complete backend overhaul that will change the way images are processed. By the end of the month you will no longer need to worry about the bot flagging your images and holding them in limbo.

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Thank you very much,
I think there are a few more images on hold, if you have time, could you check please?

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