Mapillary API upload

Hi ,
I’ve uploaded and publish panoramas through the Mapillary API version 3 , I’ve respected all the steps indicated in the documentation, the response from API was with success (http code 204 ) , but nothing appear in my upload tab , or the map .I tried to upload and publish them through Mapillary web , nothing appear also , and nothing appear even when I uploaded with Mapillary tools. How much it takes to appear the images on the map ? If everything was with success , shouldn’t appear in my upload tab ?Please advise .

There is a problem with Mapillary, they are moving to a new system. I was told everything is processed although we dont see it on the old website.

Oh ,Thank you ,I didn’t know I’m new in the community ,do you know when it will be ready the migration?

Yet another frustrated user.

How ignorant Mapillary developers look in the eyes of their most loyal users, unable to distribute a message that they’re experiencing a technical problem and are going to fix it any time soon? Even a pinned message on this Forum should do a job to some extent, but no…


Some photos at an interim date are still in a backlog due to the system upgrade.

Even though some recent dashcam photos have appeared, a group of 360 images uploaded on the same day are still not present.

So it’s a work in process until they finish the system work.

I think they will greatly announce it everywhere.