My progress doesn't show on the map nor on my uploads?

Hello all! I recently began contributing to Mapillary but I noticed that after I upload pictures, I can no longer see the areas that I’ve covered in the map and they don’t show up in the Uploads section. I recently uploaded 1,870 images and it says that none are pending anymore but my work doesn’t even show up in the public map and it now says that I have contributed 1,870 images but 0 miles? As the screenshot below indicates, it seems that my pictures have been taken into account for my points but they’re just not visible nor on the map. I used an iPhone 11 and a Google Pixel 5 on different occasions, both with the high accuracy GPS turned on. The map highlighted my movement prior to uploading.

Why isn’t my work showing on the map and why does it say 0 miles covered? Are they being deleted? Are there streets that aren’t supposed to go up on Mapillary? Is this a glitch? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

The whole site has been slow to process new images for the last few days. I have a few thousand processing, myself.

I’ve seen this sort of slowdown before. The images we submitted will probably pop up just fine, once the hiccup in the system clears up! Your distance, I believe, will update then.

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That’s relief, I guess it’s just a matter of time then. Thank you for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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