No trace of my progress after submission?

Hello, I’m using the Mapillary 4.20.0 on iOS 14.4.2, iPhone 11. Today I recorded several sequences and uploaded them for the first time (about 1,600 images in sequences) and after doing that, I no longer see any of the area I’ve covered in my explore map when still being logged in and my profile seems to have no trace of me having submitted anything when I go to the profile tab and uploads. Sequences, images, and meters all mark “0”.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Do I just need to wait for my sequences to be reviewed and approved to be recognized? Is there a chance that they just got deleted? I’m also using a VPN — could that have triggered something in the system to flag me?

UPDATE: The profile tab shows 1,693 pictures as pending now. I guess there’s just a delayed response.