Mapillary for iOS 5.10.0 is out

  • New Profile page with new design and features (aka Profile 2.0)
  • Added support for dash in usernames
  • Added image reporting dropdown for unlawful content
  • Removed “Preparing your mapping journey” screen during signup
  • Fixed bug where when a sequence is loading, the location of the capture is in the middle of the ocean for 1-2 seconds
  • Fixed bug where the capture time was displayed in the local timezone and not in the captured timezone
  • Fixed bug where imagery was disabled when user selected a different map style
  • Fixed bug where switching between map styles would deactivate the filter by date if it was enabled
  • Fixed bug where zooming in with 2 fingers and then interrupting the process would reset zoom
  • Fixed the order of color by age layers
  • Fixed lagginess when switching between camera and map in the Camera screen
  • Fixed bug where searching sometimes would yield duplicated search results
  • Fixed bug where the manual button would move when it was pressed
  • Fixed bug where the camera button was not present in the app when starting Mapillary in Landscape mode

Hello, greetings from Colombia, I am a recent Mapillary user and began collaborating by uploading some routes. The system is spectacular, I feel honored to be able to be your collaborator. I would like to inform you that today, April 17, I just updated the iPhone IOS application and the preview of the maps and images stopped working, the map remains blue (In the middle of the ocean) and the image remains black. A moment ago I deleted the app from my iPhone again and it still has the same error.


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Hi agalindo and thanks for reporting a bug!

Could you post a screenshot of which screen you are experiencing the bug on?


Of course

So it looks like you went to your Profile page and then tapped on a sequence that you have uploaded.

  1. Is it the same for all of your sequences, or just some of them?
  2. Does it work in other views, like if you tap on the map in Explore (the first tab)?
  3. If you open someone else’s profile from Leaderboards, can you view their sequences?

Yes, indeed I went to my profile page and then tapped one of the threads I uploaded. It happens like this with everyone

  1. It is the same for all sequences

  2. The problem only occurs in this tab, in the other tabs it works fine.

  3. The error also occurs in other people’s profiles.

My phone is an iPhone 14 pro with IOS 17.4.1 in case you need this information

Thanks! We have managed to reproduce the problem and are working on a fix. In the meantime, you can look at your sequences on Mapillary

Sorry for the inconvenience!


No problem, on the contrary, thanks to you, a big greeting

A new version with bug fixes is out: Mapillary for iOS 5.10.1 is out

Thanks again for reporting the bug!

Hello Anders, I have indeed already downloaded the update and it works perfectly. Thank you so much.