Image sequence no longer visible on my map

I uploaded an image sequence a week ago, and it’s now gone from my map. If I navigate an adjacent sequence, I can skip over into the missing sequence, but the missing sequence is still never visible on the map. Only the currently displayed image from the sequence is on the map with its yellow dot.

Is there a reason this has happened? Can I expect it to happen to all the sequences I’ve uploaded?

None of my sequences are visible on the public map yet, so I want to emphasize I am referring to my map.

I see others talk of sequences being removed for not being street-level. The sequence in question is on a newly opened road, and Mapillary for some reason hasn’t been updated with new roads from OSM yet. Could that be contributing?

Hi there @balchen - do you have a link for us to look at? cc: @tao

You can look at this one: Mapillary

Here’s what that looks like on my map:

And the other view:

I have seen this “vanishing” of the tracks many times for my own imagery. ie the track will appear within a few days of upload, vanish for 1-4 days, then come back again permanently. ie part of normal processing. The times also varied with different zoom level.

Pretty sure this behaviour has also been mentioned in this group before too.

I suggest you give it a few days to see if they reappear.

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i have the same issues. I uploaded many sequences and lost in the map. Passed 15 days or more and don’t publish. I’m eagerly waiting for the process, but I’m thinking they are the internal problems.

We had some issues in the map tile updating last week. Now all sequences should be up to latest. If any sequence is not updated/shown, let me know here.

The sequences are visible again on my map, and have been visible for some days now.

My sequences are not available online. What’s happened?

Look: Mapillary

I’m thinking is an issue from GPS data. I lost a lot of sequences in my account.
The first pic from many sequences had been incorrect GPS. The localization is on ocean. I have made with app IOS.

What I need to do to fix it?

link Examples: