Sequence taken 5 June (uploaded few days after) still only part visible on maps

The subject of sequences not appearing neither the map nor in iD editor on OSM has surfaced now and then; 5 June rode bicycle from Antwerp to Berlare, and back via a different route, planned to take in as many OSM notes as possible; two months later the mapillary/app page shows only part of the sequence, as does iD editor; both show the end of the sequence at the same spot; screenshots of the Web-uploader show all could be placed before upload.

This was reported before by other users and me. Problem is this: In API V3, there were whole sequences missing when one picture in it was marked as “not street level imagery”. So there was a queue of sequences in V3 that were uploaded but not fully processed in V3. You could only see them as single points in ID. Now, all these hidden sequences were released for processing some time around beginning of June. All the old hidden V3 sequences were processed and are visible now. But… after this release, users were still uploading pictures via V3 until the possibility to upload with V3 was cancelled. Can’t tell exactly when, but maybe around 22th of June. Result is: If you have uploaded during 1th of June and 20th of June with old V3 tools and some pictures are marked “not street level imagery”, these sequences were never “released” and are gone completely now as V3 has retired.
But, as said, people already reported this, but nothing was done. Sounds pretty easy to “release” them, but no one from Mapillary seems interested.


Thank you for the note, hadn’t realised the V3 > V4 upgrade could be the cause.

General question : if one were to re-upload the sequence using the python CLI tools, would Mapillary’s duplicate finder weed out the few that were already published, please?

Will obviously remove all apparently complete stretches from the folders, but there are short loose ends along the track, where I’m not sure which is the exact last published / first missed pic, will therefore at crossroads include a couple too many.