Heads up: One bad image can make a sequence not show up

I’ve noticed a few of my sequences haven’t shown up the last few days. These sequences have hundreds of high quality images.

I’ve noticed something in common among these sequences: They have a single tilted or obscured image at the very end of the sequence (something I hadn’t noticed I was doing until I realized too late that my camera has a zero to two second delay after I tell it to stop capturing).

So, apparently, one bad quality image at the end of a sequence is enough to mark the entire sequence to not show up on the map. Or be easily navigable. Or be editable at all. Which is profoundly frustrating.

Are these sequences just never going to show up? And can we PLEASE get the ability to edit and re-submit auto-flagged sequences? PLEASE?! I’ve submitted almost 100k good images, I think I can be trusted with this.


Yes, same here. The problem that mapillary knows of still is present: One bad image can flag a whole sequence as “not street level imagery”. Then it only shows up in ID as single pictures, not as a sequence. Some of my older sequences (Sep 20) have meanwhile gone through, but there are still a lot missing and also new submitted seqences can suffer from the bug. Why can`t this be solved even though mapillary already knows of it and located the reason? Some examples from my pictures:

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Same here.
see also Missing parts of the sequences - #13 by jpennycook
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They do their utmost to deter contributors.
They should hire the psychologist again.

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Sometimes Mapillary does a great job.
It saw that I photographed a defibrillator inside a Total shop.
Even though it is 24/7.
Let the computer stupidity reign.

Mapillary is indeed the new Facebook.

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They screw up in a few places, yes. But I still very much appreciate the service Mapillary provides. I’ve submitted almost 100k images successfully, and it’s made mapping tens of times faster.

Are you talking to me ?

I’ve met the same problem, I hope it gets fixed soon. Thank you for noticing, I’ll follow this thread in case someone gives more info about it.

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Oic - I’ve often wondered what was causing my sequence to fail, … I can’t edit or do anything with this sequence from Canterbury via the Uni.


If I try to edit it I just see a grey whirly area where the edit sequence normally is displayed.

That’s the same problem. I would like to remove the wrong pictures which are flagged as ‘not street-level images’, but there is no way to edit the sequence.

Oh great… is that why my recent cycle trips look like this and I get lonely images like these?

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Probably, mine look the same.