Strange or bad sequences

Articcynda shoots in portrait mode. He makes an art of it with colours and lights in the night. Luckily only 1200 images and he stopped some time ago.

Chuck is a good guy. But sometimes I click on one green dot and I am in the sky. I have sinned also, but not for thousands of kilometers.

Xantopi has excellent pictures but I am not inspired by the North Sea at night. OK, maybe the lighst at the horizon are interesting.

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You would suspect that somebody who hangs out other people for not being up to his standards, himself has a perfect record…

Maybe you can be more humble, more welcoming, and appreciate all the contributions. Every image helps us documenting the world and updating its maps, even if they are not up to YOUR standards.

You have not read my messages from previous years.
Neither have you read my profile.
Neither do you know how many delete requests I introduce.

I always made my remarks in the most gentle way.
I once reported a indiligent contributor to support at mapillary and they told me I was right.

I have before this message already flagged your previous message in dutch as inappropriate.

I only resent some people who really don’t care abouty quality and which continue to make always more than one mistake.

The examples of my “bad” pictures you give don’t prove a thing. Some are not bad and indeed good, just see the sequence as a story. I know that my Garmin Virb XE has problems, but officially this is still not recognised by Mapillary.

You really don’t know what you write about.

And I would never dare to publish this =

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Yeah, no, @filipc, you come across as pretty abrasive or rude in many of your (English) posts. The two in this one thread are good examples. I don’t know if Dutch/Belgian language/culture just comes across that way to my American sense, but I’m willing to bet it’s just some crotchety-old-man coming out on your end.

@pbb has a point here: some of your sequences are “Strange or bad”. The third one he linked to may have been useful to you for some purpose, who knows, but that whole “sequence as a story” doesn’t tell a tale I’d want to read (just click through the whole thing; I count 9 photos of scenery, and 10 of interiors and walls…). Meanwhile, the one you linked has mappable information, regardless of the cables in view.

Nobody’s perfect, but it doesn’t really need to be called out publicly.

I do not understand that.

I mean to say you are coming across like a grumpy old man. Also, I think the grumpiness is exhibiting itself on your end of this internet interaction, which is to say that I think that you are actually grumpy and rude in real life, and it’s not just a byproduct of faceless internet interaction that I am misinterpreting in this case.

But I could be wrong.

I don’t think @filipc is trying to be nasty, but I think he doesn’t realise how what he says comes over to other people.

I think filip wants to maintain a very high standard, in the first place for himself. When he is not happy with his own contributions, he will delete them and do them over. And maybe it is frustrating that other people are not maintaining the same high standards. (As per his quote: “And I would never dare to publish this”.)

But that is the deal with projects with many contributors. The way I like to see it: half of the contributors will always be producing below average quality! One just has to accept that as a fact, you can not get upset about it.

The only solution if one wants to enforce higher quality standards, is to start a project similar to Mapillary for yourself. And thanks to the open nature of Mapillary (with creative commons photo licences and freely available reusable viewers) this is made relatively easy.

Of course, that does not mean I want to see filip go. He creates valuable contributions, and I personally want him to keep on doing that. But if he is honestly bothered by the lower quality produced by other people, then that might be the best solution for him.

(And yes, as a Dutch I can confirm that our culture can be relatively rude. Though I prefer to see it as open and direct. :wink: )

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I am rendered here as whatever. Unacceptable.

I see that very few people follow the links. That gives me no choice as to go in detail, in order to preserve my good reputation.

I object to =

  1. the sequence of probably people running at night.
  2. thousands of kilometers in the air amongst the clouds.
  3. thousands of kilometers of the sea at night.

That will be the jokes by which Mapillary will be known among the general public.

Then my nemesis changes the subject to the occasional bad picture to prove his point. Luckily he did not spend much time scrutinising my sequences =

  1. OK, it is a bit too much above the horizon. The first ten pictures are fuzzy. That must be because of the fog and the turning. Nevertheless it is a Samsung S9. It should not have happened. There were pictures of that road 2 years before. So these could be deleted. It is not possible for me to check all my pictures, For that I count on the viewers. In my profile, I clearly mention = "Tell me which pictures/sequences are too fuzzy, so that I can delete the pictures. "
  2. That is a bicyle tunnel with the sun in front. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before you can even read the height of the tunnel. After the tunnel, indeed there is a sign that cannot be read because of the sun. Only 10 % of my pictures are taken under ideal conditions. It was always difficult to judge when to stop with my previous camera. But that is not a bad sequence, even not a bad picture. You cannot want me to stop and use a reflex camera to read the inside of the tunnel wall.
  3. That is a leisure=bird_hide. Does anyone want one picture of the cabin, then be blindfolded and see the lake ? No, I take the visitor through the door, show him how to turn and where the windows are. Then I lead him outside. In the mean time he can read the rules on the wall and the spottings of birds. I hope the viewer enjoys the visit as much as I did.
  4. That is a sewage door. If you are not interested in that, well you should. It is seldom to see them opened. I was not allowed to picture the whole scene.
  5. Indeed four pictures too dark. I have been complaining here about my VIRB XE for a long time. But as long as Mapillary endorses that camera, I am not to blame.

@filipc You are free to your own opinion on other people’s contributions. However, you need to become aware that these opinions are not shared by Mapillary, the people who provide this tool for us. It is their decision to rule what is OK and what is not, not yours. To quote yourself: “But as long as Mapillary endorses [their contributions], [they are] not to blame.”

Thus, it is not alright that you call out people for not abiding by your personal quality standards.

If you really need to push your personal standards, then I see two possibilities for you:

  1. Contact Mapillary and convince them to adopt your quality requirements. This will probably involve you being hired by them to do all the filtering of “substandard” contributions. Good luck with that.
  2. Build your own fork of the project, where you are free to put down any requirements that you want. This is not unheard of; LibreOffice was forked from OpenOffice and Google’s Blink was forked from Apple’s Webkit, for the same reasons.

But in the Mapillary community, as long as contributors are honouring the rules that Mapillary has put down, then it is not okay for you to publicly call them out for not honouring your personal opinions.

We honestly don’t give a #### about what you object to!

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