Poor pictures sequences

Some users disfigure the sequences with bad pictures, for example, rides in the dark or at rain. What can you do about it ?


@xlayer that is fine, because even those less-than-perfect images still contain useful data for e.g. map editing. There is always the possibility for anyone to go the same path and take new photos in better conditions/quality.

If you have photos that are really such a bad quality that you can’t even tell what is in the picture then you can ask for it to be deleted via the editor (https://help.mapillary.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001638129-Editing-sequences). But note that while you can delete your own contributions easily, this is not the case with those from other people (we are still working out the best way to handle those requests).


Hi Katrin

I sometimes see something like that


From time to time, I randomly look at old sequences and ask for deletion of the fuzzy ones. So my sequences are better at the end. This procedure is a bit too labour intensive.
I also take in account the previous and next picture. A picture should not hurt the eyes.
It is a shame that I permanently deleted some fuzzy pictures as they were quite artistic.

I suppose that one day when the programmers at mly have nothing better to do, they wil propose us automatically selected fuzzy pictures for deletion.

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The colleague makes almost all his pictures too high in the sky, one can not delete such a thing?


@xlayer - yes, you can.