Deleting individual images from a sequence

I accidentally uploaded a sequence before deleting all the rubbish images. Is there a way to delete individual images? The alternative, deleting the sequence then reuploading, would be fine if deletions were immediate rather than taking half a month.

This is the sequence in question - I’d like to delete the first 90 or so images.


Have same problem. Uploaded around 6000 photos but didnt check the GPS quality so the pictures are all messed up. So I indicated them for deletion. It would be great to have just temporary stage when uploaded pictures already are shown on map for the user and there is possibilty to make corrections or delete single images or all. Ofcourse all server heavy computations would be done after this temporary stage.
It would probably be also beneficial for Mapillary. I think most of users want to upload good quality content and not make a mess on the map.


There is indeed one function of the departed webuploader which I haven’t yet been able to replicate yet : the regular spacing of dots in a sequence to alert that -although for example at crossways- pics are in the right spot, a stretch between those known points may be incorrectly placed / jumbled.

For single pics, drag-n-drop into JOSM with photoadjust and photo_geotagging plugins as discussed December 2021 works well - but only if there is up-2-date aerial imagery to check against, and adjust if need be.

In theory importing a sequence of 5k or 15k images into JOSM should show pics are evenly spaced , but won’t alert to any jumbled parts in the sequence as there are no connecting lines ; and in practice the computer groans and eventually grinds to a halt.

Whether it’d be up to Mapillary to provide such a utility?

Going by the few dozen found so far the answer veers towards ‘probably not’, but would need a way to indicate (the first and last in a suspect sequence of) images - either for deletion, or to alert the uploader to check and correct or some other action.

So yes, there is something Mapillary would like to consider, but it may not be ‘immediate deletion’ .

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The problem is even bigger with 360 pictures.
While taking these pictures you cannot see if something inappropriate happens behind you.