Does deletion work?

Six ? weeks ago I deleted many pictures in a sequence so that with a split afterwards I could save a part of the sequence.
I am getting a bad name in Spain.

@tao are you the right person to check this?

cc @boris

BR, Yaro

@filipc - which particular image did you want to delete? The one you linked to seems fine, is that the one you wanted to delete? Deletions should be working properly, but just wanted to confirm with you.

Sorry, I deleted the ones in the tunnel, but the result is a straight line. And there is another straight line.

I will just ask deletion of the whole sequence.

The Spaniards should do their own work.

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Whole-sequence deletions should also work, right?
I requested deletion of 4 sequences (one of a single image) that were test sessions (and that I intend to re-upload after proper processing), but they are still around a week or so later.
Paused uploads with that camera for now :slight_smile:

I think one week may still be expected as the job may run something like weekly - let us know if they are still around after 2 weeks?

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Hm, I also thought deletion was broken, while this is indeed covered in the documentation i.e. Deleting-images-from-Mapillary; as seem the to me that implementation doesn’t line up with user expectations – as I didn’t even think about checking that as the first step.

Personally I would expect deletion to be significantly faster then ingestion and publication of new images, and I believe that is less then a week. Thus I tend to assume the deletion will be completed within the day for published data, and within the hour for things in the processing pipeline (seems rather wasteful if the automation continues process & publish images/sequences just to immediately remove them).

That stated, with the current lead time, I really do highly appreciate the the UI now clearly states that the sequence is pending deletion.
Unfortunately is not the case for single images, so I tend to end-up requesting deletion of these several times, leaving me frustrated that I need remember to follow-up later, to re-do and ensure that the images get deleted eventually…


cc: @nikola on the UI update request

We’ll look into improving tracking deletions of individual images and adding more information about them on the web.

so sad, all of these functionalities worked all fine back in 2017 using the web tools…

Like delete a single image, delete a sequence , change image heading, move image positions.

Get those tools up and running again :slight_smile:

We’ve updated the web app to also show the state of pending image deletions in the UI.