Waiting one week+ to see imagery on map

I am new to uploading data to Mapillary. I did a couple uploads last week (8 days ago) via the desktop uploader. They appear to have been uploaded but do not yet appear on the map. Is this a normal turnaround time? I want to rule out any errors on my part. I see this now: mapillaryError

No, this is not normal. We are all waiting for our uploads since almost a week.

Normally sequences are available via API two hours or so after upload, and visible on the map one or two days after upload.

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Good to know. Thanks! Glad to know I’m not alone. I have not tried querying the API. I may try that to see if anything is returned.

Mapillary devs keep saying that they are reimplementing the backend, as today it flags the whole sequence as inappropriate based on a single low-quality image. Should be complete by end of the month, I believe…

Yep it so normal that i have given up.

What do you others do. Is there a way to save the pictures from the app before they disapered for months in mapillary database ?

I will give them yet another week to fix their backend. Its so annoying to me… probably leave mapillary as a great hobby last 4 years. I can not deal with those weeks of delay.

(Also annoyed by that automated-sequence breaking algorithm if I stop at a traffic light longer than 20 seconds. Almost want to drive through red because I do not want my sequences cut lol )

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I was hoping to demo some data to our city council next weeks using the widget for ArcGIS Web Appbuilder. I ended up just programming my own panorama viewer with a javascript library called Pannellum. It’s pretty cool and just loads the images directly off our server.

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