What is the waiting time for consideration?

I am interested to know how long the sequences are published on the site.
It used to happen that photos are uploaded successfully, and the sequence does not appear for more than 2 weeks, after which I downloaded again. Or after 2 months there was a notification that the sequence was added.
Should I wait for approval or download twice? Are there rejected sequences?

it normally takes less than a day before you see your uploaded sequence in your Mapillary dashboard feed or upload tab.

you may also check https://www.openstreetmap.org/ in the Edit-mode: edit and go to a place of your tour and show mapillary pictures on the map (check that option somewhere in popup menu). Often your uploads can already be found published on the osm-map before even seeing in your Dashboard.

(oh those email notifications seem to be send to be once a month, not useful for me)


There is the status page with average processing time https://status.mapillary.com/
Actual visibility, object detection etc may take longer. I am tracking 1-2 days.

I definitely wouldn’t reupload unless there was a high chance the previous upload didn’t finish


Hi @man_from_barnaul – It’s possible you may have uploaded during a time we had some issues with processing and your uploads got “stuck” – there may also be an issue with notifications not happening at the same time they appear on the site. Can you email in about this to support@mapillary.com so I can take a better look at some examples? Thanks!

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valuable link, thanks.

I think recklessly enable photo deletion in the desktop downloader(as user).