Mapped photos don't show up on map

I mapped a few kilometers on saturday, but they haven’t showed up on the map (or on my activity page) yet (monday morning).

When should I expect them to show up, or suspect an error?

Is there a way to tell how many photos that are currently stacked for processing?

They don’t appear on all zoomlevels in the beginning, so try to zoom in or out. You’ll probably see them in some zoomlevel. It can take days (a week?) before you see them in all zoomlevels

Uploaded some photos yesterday but no confirmation mail and no images on map.

They also appear earlier in Internet Exploter than on Chrome.

@Patrick and @msamme, you should see a note of what you have in the processing pipeline at the top of your feed (uploads as well as blur requests and edits) - is there anything there?

I also uploaded several sequences this past weekend with no notifications; the last thing in my feed is blur edits and uploads from a week ago (when I last uploaded.)

No, there is nothing there.

@msamme Where did you upload from (iOS/Android/web)?

Same question to @mdroads and @Patrick actually - thanks in advance for further information! We’re looking into this.

iOS. I just uploaded one image from the web and that is “pending” in my feed.

Thanks! Let me see what we can find out.

Says tonight at 21.25 CET: “Pending photos: 1258”.

Is that much? Approximately how many photos do you process per day?
I waited a few minutes, but it doesn’t decrease.

Uploaded using iOS. Just got some notifications for those sequences.

Speaking of the devil…
Last saturday’s photos just showed up on the map and in “My flow”. :smile:

I just did two uploads without any map showing up (the satellite map disappeared about a week ago; now the basic road map is gone too). Now I need to see the map to situate one photo without GPS coordinates…

It seems the processing of photos has been changed. Normally, I could see my photos on the map after 2 hours, now I have to wait 2 days.

Mapillary - How is the image processing work done?
If it’s stacking up sometimes, is there any way we can assist, using distributed computing?

Amazon Web Services.

Already a few days waiting for a map to appear during the uploading process :cry:

Image processing and map tiles update speed back to normal, for my recent uploads. Maybe it was a hick-up of the image processing couple of days ago.