Uploaded photos not showing up on map

around 48 hours ago my image processing is done from server side however those images & path is not showing up on map yet = https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=18.408283754524632&lng=73.90744289537065&z=18.154931840596838&pKey=xL6O0XZZ3O3bMALv6GoClA

What can be the reason?


Read Peter’s answer and then explain me :).

My latest upload took 4 days, and even then not all zoom levels are ready.

Thank you, @filipc. That is my understating, too. Sometimes it runs faster and sometimes a little slower. It won’t always show up on all the zoom levels at the same time.

And today it is a couple of hours.

Hi @abhyankar we had a problem rendering tiles last weekend. It’s fixed and all tiles should be caught up.

@tao Thanks. It is showing up now.

had a similar issue with one summer-time sequence only being processed now, and at null island as well. had to delete. fairly sure the other sequences from that date had coordinates and got uploaded much quicker, so looks like whatever delayed the processing also mangled the coords