Uploaded photos not showing up on map


around 48 hours ago my image processing is done from server side however those images & path is not showing up on map yet = https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=18.408283754524632&lng=73.90744289537065&z=18.154931840596838&pKey=xL6O0XZZ3O3bMALv6GoClA

What can be the reason?



Read Peter’s answer and then explain me :).

My latest upload took 4 days, and even then not all zoom levels are ready.


Thank you, @filipc. That is my understating, too. Sometimes it runs faster and sometimes a little slower. It won’t always show up on all the zoom levels at the same time.


And today it is a couple of hours.


Hi @abhyankar we had a problem rendering tiles last weekend. It’s fixed and all tiles should be caught up.


@tao Thanks. It is showing up now.