New photos don't show up on the map

From my activity page, it shows that I’ve successfully uploaded some new photos. Clicking on them sends me to the map, but the photos don’t show up.

This one, for example:

Can someone tell me what’s happening?

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Just noticed that I am having the same issue with one of the photos that finally came through after being stuck, see [this][1] topic for more information about that.

Here is my example of the same issue as @GOwin :
[1]: Am I uploading into a black hole or is Mapillary swamped?

I can see that my and @GOwin;s examples are loading now.

You’re right @mojmoj, there’s a bit of a delay in the processing and sometimes I end up with a blank photo and a non-related map until it gets processed.

This happens sometimes, sorry for the wait! But you shouldn’t get too worried if it’s just a few days. If it’s for a long time then notify us bc it may also be something else and we should look into it.

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Thanks for heads up.