Uploads don't appear?

Yesterday I collected 400photos in 2 sequences, but even if uploaded with the android app, they don’t appear at my profile within the app and also not on the webpage. Anybody else experience troubles?


It happens all the time, unfortunately. For no logical reason. Sometimes uploading again works, but not always.

Yes, five years of misery and it does not get any better.
But often the pictures are already visible in ID. But that is mostly useless for me, except for mapping fences.
Here is a sequence from november 3, 30 days ago.
It does not appear on the map but because I take my precautions, I make pictures both ways.

I can confirm. It happens to me, too. Feels like its getting worse since June. One example: https://www.mapillary.com/app/index/teddy73?focus=map&pKey=wTIuHNKtCYJEwewgHnZJQH&lat=49.21246465082268&lng=9.299149373551472&z=18.049679219359756&tab=uploads It´s more than 2 months old. I cant see this sequence in my uploads, pending images or anywhere on the map. But the pictures are correlated to the other sequence of the same day, so on the map, you can choose a picture of the sequence shot in the other direction, and “turn round”… Don´t know if it will be published in the future.

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Now the whole site does not even load anymore…

I remember something similar past December 2019 with lots of operational bugs, like they all went on holiday

The normal workflow for Mapillary would be to ask the contributors if everything is really ok when Mapillary thinks so.
And of course it is not.

Same here. I once uploaded a sequence of ~1100 pics via web uploader, and only ~400 are shown in “uploads” and the 700 others are also missing on the map. However, if I try to re-upload the whole batch via web, the uploader claims they all are duplicates. That worked much better some months ago.


Same here: Web Uploader Not Uploading New Images -- ? BROKEN?

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