Pictures and/or Tracks don't show up in Mapillary

Hi y’all,

since about March 2021 some, and since end of April all of the tracks and pictures I’m uploading to Mapillary don’t show up in the map.
I’m using the Mapillary app on Android, and the Windows Uploader for pictures taken with a GoPro Hero 8.
Sometimes, I can find my pictures but they are not shown as a track, sometimes I cannot even find any of the pictures I’ve uploaded.
As all the data are deleted from the app once uploaded, and I also delete the pictures once uploaded from my computer, it would be very unfortunate if everything what I did in the recent past is lost.

Is there anything where I can check if there is something wrong with my account, anything wrong with the pictures I’m uploading, … ?

Thanks in advance,

The Mapillary team is upgrading the back end, so most images uploaded during May are in a hidden waiting state. They will eventually be processed when the upgrade is complete (no definite timeline but they are giving it priority).

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I’m starting to see images come in now. Still a way to go, but let me know if you start to see any of your images coming in.

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Thanks for the feedback! Will do so.

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Thanks for your answer. Hope this will be the case also for all the tracks since March.

So, I did a short test run last weekend and took pictures on a new track. Processing time for these 500 pictures took a little bit longer but, more important: these pictures are available, also the track itself.

However, the pictures I’ve taken since March are still missing, or the tracks are not shown in the map.

Well, unfortunately these new pictures are gone now, and the old pictures are still missing.

I’m missing pictures since April. :frowning: