Missing tens of kilometers of tracks since 11 May


It looks like tens of kilometres of tracks are missing. I’ve captured and successfully uploaded quite a few sequences on 11th and 12th of May but only one remains today: Mapillary - Street-level imagery, powered by collaboration and computer vision
Any ideas what happened with the rest?

Also, I have 2 edits pending for months, can I somehow see or cancel them?


It is not just you — there are no new sequences worldwide for some days.


I guess that should be fixed with a new backend processing Mapillary representative is talking about for the last couple of weeks…

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I’m eager to see how things change!

Though I’m also eager to use Mapillary for my mapping, again, so I hope it doesn’t take too long, haha! There are lots of roads I’ve captured imagery for since May 11.

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Obviously things didnt became any better with joining Facebook. I still upload photos fire-and-forget style. If they dont get through I dont care anymore as they are also uploaded on OSC.

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As an indicator. I started uploading about 1M images as BlackVue vids 2-3 days ago. This takes a week or two.

These images are now appearing quite reliably on OSM’s ID Editor as a data overlay. They have not started appearing in the Mapillary Web GUI, but I expected that. I wouldn’t be alarmed unless that took more than 2-3 weeks.

I’m a bit frustrated by these issues. I have uploaded about 4k images last weekend. Mapillary no longer reports them to be in the processing queue but they don’t appear on the map.


Since my post two days ago I have 646,000 pending images of which 398,000 show published via the map/GUI. The “tracks” have been appearing on the map/GUI but are not available at full res yet, I would call this “normal” behaviour. For me it is working as expected.

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Same kind of issue here. I’ve uploaded two sets of pictures today and yesterday. From the iOS app. no track of them anywhere

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I contacted a developer on Linkedin - they are preparing a new system now, no data will be lost, everything should be processed, but is not visible on the old system.


How long we should wait this time to resolve this issue?

I think they will write on the blog and post it in the newsletter when ready. I do not wait. I just upload and they can do what they want with it. Also I upload on Kartaview, so it gets available here or there.

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never heard of kartaview, is it the new name for OpenStreetCam right?

@micmin1972 - yeah it took me a double take to work out they are both the same, The UI for Kartaview, to me, is a bit clunky at the moment and my images on there don’t appear as ‘tidy’ or displayed as cleanly as they are in Mapillary but it’s feels good to provide image data in two places.

Correct, my aim is to provide images for mapping OSM, as there are JOSM plugins for both Kartaview and Mapillary, both suits the purpose.

Some information from mapillary on this issue: Mapillary Platform Upgrades - Image processing delays