20.000 photos missing after processing

Last week I uploaded 24.000 photos parallel on Mapillary and OSC. While OSC processed and published them immediately, I saw in Mapillary they are all uploaded and will be processed soon.
By now, 4000 photos of this batch are published, and the rest vanished from the upload tab. What can I do for further investigation what happened with my upload?
I think a daily report of activities would be great for tracking.

suggest emailing support@mapillary.com if you don’t seem them yet

Actually I dont care so much if they are online right now, there are on OSC so mappers for OSM can use them. Sometimes I got notidication that photos are published years later, so I dont mind if they find them later. But it would be a great feature that I get a tracking page where I can see the state of processing of each sequence.

I would strongly recommend notifying support either way. They have legitimately lost my uploads on numerous occasions, and only recovered them after I had reached out. Letting them know can help provide more cases where they can investigate the root cause.

Yeah please let us know about this @moenk. Uploads should not be disappearing.

Weel it seem after I uploaded another 20.000 from last weekend the system seems to find 9.000 from the old series. So I dont care so much as already mentioned, but it would be great to have a tracking table for uploaded sequences.