Processing stopped? Photos don't appear on map

Hi, I’m waiting for a week or so, to showup my photos on the worldmap. They are online in my profile and ~400 need still to be processed.

The status page claims an processing time of 4hrs, but this doesn’t seem to be true for older image sequences?

This makes me confused, if I should upload new photos, when the old ones are still wip…

@8of9 what is your username? I can check what is happening there. We are under heavy load in the backend since we are rolling out new algorithms for image classification and need to reprocess the whole dataset, this might be a reason for the delay.


I’m also 8of9 at the platform

the same thing here. I’ve also been waiting a few days for the pictures to show up on the map. Also edits have been on hold for days. It’s frustrating.
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Hi. @peter

I also have the same problem with this account under “yec” organization.
We submitted for deletion some sparse images on the same sequence uploaded a week earlier, and uploaded some thousand of new images for the same sequence after.
Now for a couple of days it says “Pending Edits” for the deletion requests and the sequence base layer is still the old one, even though the new images are processed successfully.
It been like this for couple of days.


We’re seeing this too (trekviewhq).

The images / sequences appear in sidebar, and images can be viewed if navigating to them in this way, but the sequences do not show up on the map.

It is OK now.

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