Mapillary Platform Upgrades - Image processing delays

Hi everyone,

Many are wondering why images are taking significantly longer to process. This is completely understandable so I wanted to provide some context.

We are making some platform improvements and for this reason processing has temporarily slowed down. We are aiming to have these platform improvements complete sometime next week. You do not need to worry about images being lost. Any images uploaded are safe, but just taking longer than usual to process. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and fully appreciate how frustrating this is.

The platform improvements are much needed and will help to address some of the concerns around processing that have been raised in the forum.

Thanks for your patience as we work to make Mapillary better.


Thanks @eneerhut for this clarification and it being globally pinned. It will hep reduce community anxiety I am sure.

While we’re in this waiting game, it might be useful to edit the category description of the Web and Notifications topic to have the current support email address. The old one bounces and directs you to use the address.


It would be great to display on the interface the images currently queued for processing for the logged user.



It would be great to see updates on this issue, or time exteem on how image upload will be completed

Thanks and good spot! Updated.

We’re unable to provide an exact time estimate, but as mentioned in the post, processing should be closer to normal next week.

I am starting to see images come through now so it looks like the system is speeding up.


I’ve just had some sequences appear on the map - the first since May 1st.

I hope images sent to limbo by old engine will be reprocessed also, like:

and many many other…

Yeah my images are appearing now quicker than I can process / upload them. Looking good thank you for the updates @eneerhut

I still have images not reachable from the Mapillary web app (e.g. Mapillary - Street-level imagery, powered by collaboration and computer vision ) but they are available in iD.

Today we announce significant platform updates. Please see here for more details:

Make sure to update your password and download the new version of the app for iOS and/or Android app.

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Note: if you’re on Android you will need to download a new version of the app.

By entering the Uploads tab - I only see sequences from July 25, 2020 (in the new android app July 31, 2020), all newer ones are missing. As for the last sequences, probably from 2 weeks that were displayed on the maps (blue), they have now disappeared again.

ps. Everything is fine on the old android app.

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Not all of the data from recent weeks has been converted @czecko, but anything you’ve uploaded in the last few weeks should be available soon.

Before the last update a lot of (newer) sequences showed up on the map. However, since the last update there barely seems to be any data after may the 9th.


My thoughts on the New Mapillary

Overall, this seems a radical change in approach with a lot of ramifications.

Pity I had just finished a new version of an Italian-language user manual.

I divide my comments in rough categories.

My comments are regarding my personal workflows and uses of Mapillary – I am not pretending that my evaluation be objective or generally applicable.

Neutral changes

Point clouds

Visualizing point clouds. I like the idea, but have no use for this in my context.

Positive changes

Age indication for traces

Optional colouring of age of traces is a feature that I wanted. May need some improvement in order to make sure that recent coverage stays on top at all zoom levels.

Location search

Finally a search function that works!

Negative changes

Conditions of use

I am not a legal expert, but simply reading them, gives me the shivers. I will have to talk to my solicitor in order to understand the implications, I suppose …

Traffic signs

Traffic signs now require (clumsy) individual selection of signs (which is not memorized)

I used to simply switch them all on when mapping in OSM (like shown in the second figure on this Mapillary help page, which seems to be out-of-date)

Also traffic sign detection in the images behaves strangely (some traffic signs are detected independently of selection)

Sequence editing

Sequence editing seems to have gone (apart from blurring):

  • gone is the possibility of “normalizing” image directions
  • gone is the possibility of deleting multiple images, like waiting at the traffic lights
  • gone is the repositioning of wrongly placed image
  • gone is the possibility to delete “bad” images for other reasons

Image download

Gone is the possibility to download one’s own images with the original EXIF data (in particular GPS data). I used this feature routinely to add photos to route descriptions on tour upload sites (like komoot). After the tour I uploaded the GPX track plus photos that I selected typically from my Mapillary upload whilst also using the photos for OSM mapping corrections. I still can download an image, but need to re-add manually the GPS coordinates to place it correctly on the map.

A minor snag with the new image downlaod: the image download size depends on whether you are in map view or image view mode.

Object detection

Object detection in the images behaves strangely (some objects are recognised independently of the selection)

I cannot find any more a way of visualising all object types at once in a given image as shown on this Mapillary help page (first image on the page).

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Hello, I have quite a few sequences tied up from June 16th. They have deleted from the processing queue on the app and I’m wondering if I have lost that data forever? Newer sequences as well a a couple small ones from that day have processed and show in the map.

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I don’t understand why you removed the sequence edits mentioned above…how to solve the problem with e.g. view direction?

I’m now reasonably happy - new uploads are appearing quickly, old uploads that I hadn’t realised were blocked are also appearing (e.g. one from September 2020)