Am I uploading into a black hole or is Mapillary swamped?

I have been uploading photos from my phone most of the day but as far as I can see from the last registred upload is from 7 hours ago and my stats page havent updated either :worried:

Is it likely that Mapillarys servers is just maxed out and that my photos is being stored somewhere in a queue for processing or am I uploading into a black hole?
My thinking is that 7 hours seems like a really long time for anything to happen since it has been superfast from upload to showing on the map the last one and a half week.

Are there others out there experinicing the same issue? Is it normal?


Normally, I see the upload several minutes after the upload and you can usually find them under your profile:

Do you think the images are actually getting uploaded? You can find that out within the Mapillary app itself.

That is what I have been seeing as normal too but nothing is happening on my profile page.

Yes, the pictures are being uploaded, phone reports uploads and I even monitor my network traffic and see the traffic.

Just started uploading again after the night, ~800 photos this time, so far no indication on my profile page or feed of those or anything else for the last 17 hours. :fearful:
Guess I wont be uploading any more if nothing happens with those 800 photos.

You can find the pending status of your photos, if you have any:

I just manually upload some photos, and everything seems to be working. You can also check whether your location service is on, and the photos are geo-tagged.

I just went out and took 12 photos in 2 series, uploaded them and that seems to have kicked on something, global activity shows that I uploaded 829 photos.
It’s not all of my missing photos but atleast it gives hope that not all is lost.

I did check some of my remaining photos on my phone earlier today and yes, the do have geo tags.

Thank you so far @GOwin for your help.

Edit : Oddly the 12 photos that seemed to have kicked things of a little when uploaded is nowhere to be found, I am also uploading 536 more photos at the moment without any sign of them om my pages.

Hoping that someone from the team can have a look at this when they got to work again.
And I have been having 1 image stuck in processing for several days now so would be nice if that could be looked at aswell.

Seems like things are clearing up now, I have been getting several mails saying that my uploads have been registred, nothing from the uploads I have done today yet but I am starting to feel confident that my photos won’t get lost in a black hole :smile:

Ahh, but according to Stephen Hawking, from an article I read a few days ago, there are ways to escape the blackhole:


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