Dec 2019 - New images not displaying for 10 days - now fixed

**Fixed just after posting **
It appears that the last updates available on the Mapillary map is from November 25th although I can see the processed ones within OSM/Display Open Street Map.

Anyone else having the same issue? I am trying to finish of an inner-city lane way area and need to see what I have missed.

Sounds about right. I am in the midst of a large upload and although being notified that many have been published, the actual track (green line) doesn’t appear for over a week. I get the impression that there are a number of zoom stages too, the finer the detail the longer it takes. This delay has been evident for as long as I have been uploading (more than a year)

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The images come quickly, the map just arrived after 5 days.

Now the desktop uploader does not start the uploading itself.
Maybe because at first some videos slipped in.
Then I tried again with a copy of the original cleaned folders.
Anyone ?
And yes, I have experience and patience.
May I try the web uploader while the desktop uploader is spinning in vain ?